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What I Want To Get Out Of Sales Conference 2013

Tomorrow morning I leave for the red centre of Australia, Uluru, for the national sales and marketing conference for my company.

This is a time when all the reps can get together, share ideas and learn about our plans for the year moving forward.

Here is a small list of what I want to get out of this year’s conference

1) Climb the rock – I can’t see myself going to Uluru without climbing the rock. Maybe I can lead an expedition to the top.

2) Come out with 10 brand new ideas for my company that I CAN IMPLEMENT (in the trenches) in 2013

3) Begin a “think tank” with just a couple of the most engaged reps

4) Speak to key leaders about what they think about the “new media marketing” (web 2.0, Facebook, twitter etc) and how they believe this can be used to drive the company forward in 2013

5) Gain sales tips and confidence in winning new business from the reps that have a proven track record in winning business

My goal have nothing to do with the content that will be delivered at the conference because I have no control over that.

My goals are specifically things I can do to grow over the course of the week.

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