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Everyone Is Your Boss, And A Blogger Too

My father the journalist used to always say to me “Always treat your copyboys well, because one day they will be your editor.

For the non-journos among us the copyboy is the lowest paying job, the equivalent of the mailman or cleaner, and the editor is your boss.

In the past for a restaurant to be successful all they needed was a great review. If they knew the face of a critic they could make the food extra special and the service extra special for them too.

The 5 star review would be published in the paper and your store would be flooded with new patrons.

But now everyone is a critic. Places like Yelp, Facebook, Twitter, Linked in and yes…blogs…have made everyone a critic.

I will always remember NEVER to use AAA Removals as a friend posted on Facebook and told me about their experience. If someone tells me they are moving out I will recommend “Shire Family Removals” but I will also warn them to steer clear of AAA.

You never know who is influential…or will be.

The keys (I think):

1. Treat everyone with the utmost respect

2. Choose a few who you connect with that are going places and seek to be a part of their inner circle. Do favors, send articles, work together, network.

You never know who will be your boss so make sure you don’t burn bridges. But you also can’t spread yourself too thin, so make some bets on people…you may just win big, and even if you don’t you never lose by serving people.

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