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Can I Pull It Off?

Over a month ago I had an idea for a skit for our sales and marketing conference.

It is now almost midnight on Saturday and sales and marketing conference is on Monday.

The goal: Make a 1 minute fake ad for a fake “energy drink” with this same name as our software program.

#1 – Order a fiverr gig for the narration of the ad (narration already written)
#2 – Film the ad bits that I need to do myself
#3 – Film the other people I want to include in it
#4 – Edit it all together

Then if I want to go overboard
#5 – Get a fake can cover made
#6 – Buy 60 cans of V
#7 – Put covers over the cans
…I think this would be an awesome idea.

Tomorrow is Sunday and I have church at 9:30am and friends coming over for lunch. Lets see if I can pull it all off.

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