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Yesterday I wrote that I felt completely stuck. Well in less than 24 hours I have a new idea again and I am completely unstuck.

My problem was that I started with a product I was passionate about. However, it wasn’t right for the market. After 3 “pivots” I feel like a found a product that was right for the market but a product that was 100% wrong for me.

The product wasn’t scalable and it was a service where I would directly be exchanging time for money. It could work well at scale, but I currently don’t have the scale to make it work.

The Product Pivot

The result was a complete pivot away from providing a property finding service (one time fee) to an educational membership site (subscription fee).

I already had this product partially created as I had planned to launch a membership site around 18 months ago but decided against it. So I have launched it as an MVP as is, no extra work required.

Sales pages are up and as soon as I get my first paying customer I will begin frantically working on the product to make it something that I can be proud of.

The Initial Launch

Initial customers are getting it for ridiculously cheap (just $5/month) compared to what I eventually want to charge ($39-$99/month).

The goal is to get some early adopters into the membership site and then craft the extra features of the site based off their feedback and what they want. Eventually improving the product and raising the prices for new members.

No Testing Required
I didn’t test my third product because I knew within 12 hours I wasn’t passionate about it at all. So it was simply live on my website for about 12 hours and then I replaced it with my new offering (which I am testing).

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