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Poking The Box

When you work in a Fortune 500 company with over 22,000 employees worldwide and receive many blanket emails from a “do not reply” address one starts to wonder…

“What would happen if I emailed the CEO of My Company?”

Possible answers:
– Caught in a spam filter
– Deleted by her assistant
– Get a reply from someone on her behalf
– Nothing

This is what happens when you poke the box:

– Employee emails CEO, makes sure email is fairly generic (albeit true) as to avoid getting fired. Just a nice email about how I love the company and find it inspiring
– CEO of entire company emails the MD of Australia asking who is this person that emailed me?
– MD and Head of Sales reply to CEO about this stated person giving (probably) positive reviews
– Story is funny because who has the audacity to email the CEO? Thus a few people find out (I may have told them)
– (Hopefully) no harm done

But wait…

After all that no reply?

{sad face}

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