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I am now on my 3rd iteration of my product for CashFlow Investor and I am stuck.

Not because the product won’t work (I think it will) but because it isn’t scalable and I am not passionate about it. Each new user will create more work and I don’t think the return on investment will be there for me.

I believe my market wants a low cost way of finding tailored positive cash flow properties.

My solution was a bulk approach to show them multiple random properties in the hopes that one might be suitable or give them insights into how to find positive cash flow properties…but this proved to not be valuable to potential investors.

If I went full scale and indexed all properties on the market and formed relationships with real estate agents to have a steady flow of properties coming in then it could work at scale…but I’m not ready for scale. I need something that works with 1-100 customers.

Maybe the goal should just be to provide a minimum service JUST to get paying customers. Then talk to these customers and find out what they want.

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