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The Mendoza Line For Niche Sites

In the one of the latest Empire Flippers Podcast they coined a phrase for websites called “The Mendoza Line”.

It is a phrase taken from baseball. Mendoza was a short stop who consistently failed at the plate. Always hitting just under .200

“The Mendoza Line” was used as a benchmark at which a player was not worth hiring for the major leagues despite his defensive skills.

For Niche sites the boys at Empire Flippers stated that a website really needs to have at least 40 posts before it crosses that Mendoza line.

I am going to take this concept and run with it for my latest niche site on public speaking.

My goal is to attain 40 posts as quickly as possible. I am using James Shramko’s “Own The Racecourse” method to create content quickly by making videos and having them transcribed.

My Step By Step Process

1. Make a video and upload to YouTube
2. Extract MP3 from the video
3. Create blog post with video and MP3 podcast in it and hit publish
4. Get a transcription done using Koemei
5. Paste in the 85% accurate transcription
6. Hit update
7. Go back into the blog post and edit the transcription making it a more valuable article (and so it actually makes sense)

My Focus
So my focus right now is to quickly create 40 videos for my public speaking blog. Then I will be aiming to make another 40 videos on one of my other niche sites which is already getting good traffic.

I am loving the Mendoza line concept. It is really giving me a benchmark to work with and work towards

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