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I recently started a brand new niche site. I am making videos, podcasts and blog posts for this site to get traffic.

The biggest thing I did was I took a high traffic page from a website that was generating no money and moved it to this brand new niche site. Overnight my traffic for this site was high and I started earning some Adsense revenue.

But that isn’t what’s crazy.

Last night (about 11pm) I set up a sales page for a membership site on this niche site. I didn’t think anyone would go there so I set the “Add to Cart” button to just redirect to my home page.

However, I put a tracker on this link so I could see if anyone was clicking it.

My thoughts were “If people start clicking I will go to the effort of setting up an actual PayPal sales option”.

Just 12 hours later (on a site with 0 community and 0 email subscribers) I have already had 2 people click through.

Tonight I will set up an actual shopping cart and see if I can launch a membership site from scratch.

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