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How To Build 2 Businesses At Once

When I spend time working on businesses I want to make sure that I am working smart, so that I don’t have to work hard. The smarter you can work the more money you can make.

The internet is a great place to start a business because you have so much leverage. You can leverage technology to work smart for you so that you can work less and earn more. For example, my websites are live 24 hours per day working for me, generating an income and taking sales. I just let them be and they do all the work for me. My websites reach out to customers, my websites collect customers details, my websites make sales for me without me having to be there. This is a great way to use technology as leverage to create a great business.

I have come across a great way that I can build two businesses at once. This method makes it twice as likely that my hard work will bring in a good financial return. The better return I get on my hard work the more money I make and the richer I become. So do you want to know my simple method for building 2 businesses at once? Well let me explain it to you.

I have two businesses. They are

I am using the email marketing tool Aweber to grow both my businesses at once and I want to show you how.

My clients at CFI want to generate a passive income through property. But a lot of them are also interested in other ways to generate a passive income. By teaching them (for free) how to create a passive income online they begin to trust me more AND they can achieve their passive income goals.

So far I have had a success rate of about 20%. That means that 20% of people who sign up for my CFI newsletter will also sign up for my e-course.

Instead of trying to market two products individually and spending a lot of time and energy on marketing. I can focus on marking CFI and then still grow my list of ecourse subscribers through that. So I am effectively growing two businesses at once. A great way to leverage your time.

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