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100 Articles In 100 Days – Can I Step Up To The Challenge

I am taking on the challenge to write 100 articles in 100 days for ezinearticles.com. I will use the articles to market my new 14 week (soon to be 14 day) e-course on making money with Aweber. You can check out the course for free if you want at www.richacademy.com/aweber.

The goal with this e-course is to begin to create a passive income online. I have always been (and I think I always will be) all about generating passive income. That is income you work for once, and then don’t have to work for again. My e-course will do that in a number of ways:

The goal is to have everything eventually run on autopilot. Once I finish writing the 14 lesson course I will move it from a 14 week course to a 14 day course. I will then create a years worth of weekly emails as well. These will all be sent out automatically once I subscribe.

With my marketing I will be using Ezinearticles.com and other article directories to submit my articles to. This will create a good spurt of traffic when the articles first go live (as they go on the EzineArticle.com homepage) and it will also generate me passive traffic over the long term.

Eventually as income goes up and up I will use some of my passive income to hire full time writers on ODesk. You can get english speakers to work for you for as little as $1/hour. Full time that is $40/week or $2080/year to write articles and market my course full time. That will make everything passive.

The goal is not to achieve anything quickly. The goal is to earn enough passive income in the next 4 years to be able to become financially free.

EzineArticles.com are doing a challenge…100 Articlies in 100 Days…if you succeed you get a bunch of free stuff. If you double it and write 200 articles in 100 days then you also get a pretty good leather bound journal. So I am aiming for that. My journal is about to run out and I wouldn’t mind a new one. The 200 articles will do wonders for marketing my new ecourse and it will be good for me to get in the habit of writing again. And the freebies will be a plus too. I love a good challenge. Wish me luck.

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