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How Good Is Hostgator!!! Support On My iPhone!!!

Wow Hostgator is amazing. I was trying to log onto my blog to write a post and I had a random 500 error showing up.

One of the things I have found with hosting is that you will always have some problems with your site from time to time, no matter who you are with. Having a good support system allows you to fix your problem quickly and get on with your day to day business.

Well I just got home from work so I am in bed on my iPhone and I have this problem. So I log onto Hostgator support on my iPhone and select the chat option. Within one minute I was chatting with someone from support WHILE I WAS ON MY IPHONE!!! Talk about an amazing support system. In no time my problem was fixed and my site up and running.

Hostgator support system rocks and it is for that sole reason I would recommend them to anyone setting up a new blog or website.

For a $9.94 discount on your hosting use the coupon code RYANMCLEAN or BESTHOSTING. You can’t go wrong with Hostgator and I would highly recommend them.

I love it when things work!

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