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Achieving Financial Freedom Without Any Money

At the moment I am trying to focus on continuing to build my passive income. I can proudly say that I have a nice little passive income online, earning me money whether I work or not. But the ultimate goal is to have a full time passive income.

This will give me financial freedom and I will have the decision whether I want to work or whether I want to do other things. And as big as this goal may sound I want to achieve it in 4 years with almost no money behind me. Here’s how:

Creating A System That Works For Me

I am currently in the process of creating a system and systems that works for me. My systems are really simple and use technology to operate on autopilot. All I need to do is set them up and then drive traffic.

My system works like this.

Create a series of autoresponder emails through Aweber (trying to make a years worth of weekly emails. Each email markets products that I take a commission for.

Then drive traffic to a squeeze page and get people to sign up for my email newsletter.

It is really that simple. Once I set up the system all I need to do is drive traffic and the system works for me. When I get enough income I can outsource the traffic creating through ODesk or by using PPC and then it becomes completely passive income.

Building Multiple Systems

I only really keyed into this “build the system then drive traffic” a couple of weeks ago. I have know it for ages but never really done it.

I am now doing the hardest part, building the systems. This week I built the front end for Rich Academy, which is a free 50 page ebook. Then I will probably spend the next few weeks completing that system by writing up my 52 weeks worth of emails.

Then I will go on a build another system on Cash Flow Investor with a free ebook, 2 paid products and 52 weeks worth of emails. This will probably take me about a month.

All This Work For No Results

I am building the two systems because they will intertwine and build off each other. But the problem with building the systems is that you don’t make any money while you build them. I will have to wait till after they are built (when I focus on traffic generation) to really start to see some results.

But once they are created I know without a doubt in my mind that this system will work well for me.

In The Mean Time

In the mean time I will fund my family by working, freelance writing and copywriting. Writing can earn me up to $400/day and copy writing has huge potential…so the good thing is I won’t be starving while building my retirement income.

The End Goal That Makes It All Worthwhile

The end goal that will make all this worthwhile is a full time passive income online. Not just a passive income that makes me a bit of extra money, but something that will fund my lifestyle completely!

Then I can spend my days with my family, and spend my time focusing on growing my passive income…without being distracted by money troubles.

All Possible By A System

Aweber allows me to create this system. Then once I have created it I can use the power of FOCUS to focus on generating loads and loads of traffic to my sites (funneling people into my systems). This focus will produce great results, which will hopefully make me a lot of money.

This is my basic plan (at the moment) to achieve financial freedom in the next 4 years. Do you have a plan?

5 responses to “Achieving Financial Freedom Without Any Money”

  1. David says:

    Wow Ryan,
    This is a really cool post, I love reading your blog because you are inspiring. I never thought you could create a passive income online without money. I always thought you needed to invest in property or stocks or something to retire early…or win the lotto.
    Thanks for the post

  2. Get A Job says:

    It all sounds well and good written on your blog, but I would like to see you actually do it.
    Maybe you should get a real job instead of trying to create a “system” online and taking money from everyone else. Dreamers like you need a reality check…people won’t just hand over money because you wrote a few nice emails.

    • ryan says:

      Thanks for your post. Everyone is allowed to have their own opinion.

      I actually do have a job, but I want to generate passive income as well as my job. A passive income can fund my lifestyle so I can choose whether to work or not.

  3. That is awesome Ryan, I love the idea of having a massive list with the autoresponder full of emails (so that it does all the work).

    I am starting to build some passive income through search engine traffic on my blog, but have a new project that is looking at something similar to what you are doing, as it focuses on the list and providing value through a quality autoresponder series.

    @GetAJob – Don’t be a dream killer. Just because you can’t/don’t want to do it, doesn’t mean others can’t. I know plenty of people who have done exactly what Ryan is working towards.

  4. ryan says:

    A bit harsh Casey, but you did make some valid points.

    Ps. Have you started your blog yet?

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