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How To Get 50,000 Twitter Followers In Just 6 Months

[UPDATE – Adding 1,000 people a day will likely get your account suspended with Twitter. To avoid this add around 300 per day, and don’t mass unfollow people quickly. For me I would have a week off following people to do one mass unfollow….then start following again. This makes growing your account a bit slower but is still a great way to grow your account quickly]

I have set myself a BHAG – A Big Hairy Audacious Goal – to get 50,000 twitter followers by 1/1/11 and to make loads of money from those twitter followers.

Currently I have about 5,400 twitter followers and this is growing every single day. But it is time to up the anti and to increase my twitter followers by 10 times that amount. In the mean time I may as well starting making a bucketload of money from my new found twitter fame.

So How Can You Actually Grow Your Twitter Following By 50,000 In Just 6 Months?

It is actually a lot easier than you might think. All it takes is a little diligence and some hard work…or you can outsource these tasks for as little as $1/hour using ODesk. It is really easy and almost anyone can do it.

Step 1 – Find A Twitter User With 50,000 Followers Who Is Following The Same Amount of People

By finding a twitter user with 50,000 followers who is also following 50,000 this means that they autofollow everyone who follows them. It also means there is a good chance that all of their followers will autofollow anyone who follows them.

If you want to follow more than 50,000 then find a few users with 50,000 followers each. Or find a user with over 100,000 followers who is also following 100,000 people.

Step 2 – Everyday Follow 1,000 of Those Followers

Everyday twitter allows you to follow 1,000 people. So everyday you need to follow 1,000 people. The chances are that most of the people you follow will follow you back.

This is painful work, and who has a couple of hours to spend everyday for 6 months? I certainly don’t…that is why step 3 is so important.

Step 3 – Outsource Following Tasks For $1/hour
Instead of trying to follow 1,000 people a day yourself you can outsource this task on ODesk for as little as $1/hour. It wouldn’t take more than 2 hours per day to do this…that’s $2/day.

The awesome thing about outsourcing is that because you are paying someone to do it, they will do it everyday without fail. Meaning you could grow your twitter following by more than 182,000 followers in 6 months…and it will only cost you around $350. (182 days x 1,000 follows per day = 182,000). Once you reach 50,000 followers it will likely only take you a few tweets to make your $350 back, because a huge twitter following is a money making machine.

Now not everyone you follow will follow you back, but that is alright. Of 182,000 that you follow in 6 months time it is very likely that at least 50,000 people will follow you back. Those that don’t follow you; you auto-unfollow all of them at once using one of the many tools out there

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So Now That I Am Growing My Twitter Following How Do I Make Money From It?

There are a few different ways to make money with your list.

1. Sponsored Tweets
Sponsored Tweets is a website that allows you to sell a tweet. This means advertisers can pay you to write a tweet about their product.

Some movie stars with upwards of 1.5 million followers charge around $8,000 for one tweet. Who needs to ever work again if just one tweet will make you that much money!!! Just 5 tweets a year and you would be well ahead of the average wage of Australia/America.

But with 50,000 followers you could probably make around $50-$100/tweet from Sponsored Tweets. Do that once per day and you will be making $18,000-$37,000 per year just from Sponsored Tweets.

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2. Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing is another great way to make money by tweeting. Instead of being paid to tweet you write a tweet with an affiliate link in it. Everyone who signs up for your affiliate offer through the link in your tweet makes you money.

John Chow has approximately 55,000 followers and he made over $4,000 from one tweet just by posting about an affiliate offer.

Market Leverage and Motive Interactive are two affiliate networks that have some pretty good offers. You don’t even have to sell anything to make money because some offers pay you a small amount (around $1) for every person that enters their email address.

Get just 1% of your 50,000 followers to sign up for one of these offers (remember they don’t even have to buy anything) and you have made $500.

You can also market products that people buy. Some products on Market Leverage pay you $80 and the customer only buys the product for $30. Get just 1% of your 50,000 followers to buy this product and BAM you just made $40,000.

Affiliate marketing had a lot of potential on twitter. Just write your affiliate tweets as you would write any other tweet and try not to make it look like spam.

3. Email Marketing
I love making money from email marketing and to me a large email list is always going to be better than a large twitter list. So why not use twitter to grow your email marketing list?

To get 5,000 email subscribers can be hard. But if you build up a twitter following of just 50,000 followers (which will be easy) then you only need 10% to subscribe and you have will have a email list teeming with potential. Keep outsourcing your twitter building using ODesk and soon you could have over 300,000 twitter followers, which could build a MASSIVE email marketing list.

Offer your twitter followers a variety of free stuff (different offers will attract different people and increase your chances of more subscribers). Then set up a bunch of email autoresponder messages with Aweber and let the emails market affiliate products for you.

For best results use the emails to market both your own products and affiliate products. It is also a good idea to writing teaching emails and teach people how to do things, and then recommend them products.

Aweber is awesome because you can run your entire email marketing campaign on autopilot. You write the emails once and when someone signs up Aweber send out the emails (in order) for you. So you can literally make money while you sleep.

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4. Website Traffic
You can use twitter to drive traffic to your blog, website of squeeze page. I use a plugin called Tweetly Updator, which automatically updates my twitter account whenever I publish a new post on my blog. This generally sends a small influx of people to my blog.

I am sure that when I have 50,000 followers instead of 5,000 I will get a lot more people coming to my blog through twitter. Economies of scale 🙂

5. Sell Your List

I have never done it myself, but I am sure that you could create targeted twitter followings and sell them to people.

As you can see, growing your twitter list to 50,000 in 6 months is not only easy, but it can be very beneficial and bring in a fair bit of extra income. That extra income could pay off the credit card, pay off your home faster, pay for a holiday or a night out, or completely fund your lifestyle and give you the freedom to do whatever you want. It is your choice.

Everyday you waste is a day you are missing out on an abundance of income from twitter. So get cracking. Go to ODesk and get a worker for $1/hour who will build your list for you.

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