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How An Influential Chinese Blogger Grew The Business of An Australian Blueberry Farm

This story shows the true, and amazing power, of the fact that ever single person is or could be extremely influential.

My day’s girlfriend’s brother owns a blueberry farm.

They make the majority of their money in just 2 months of the year and they make the majority of money from tourist picking their own blueberries rather than selling them commercially.

Tourism drives higher margins and delivers better revenue from them than the commercial sector.

This season they have been scaling back their commercial operations due to increase tourism for one reason, an influential blogger.

A Chinese fellow visited their farm and when he went home he posted about it on the Chinese twitter or his blog (we aren’t actually sure where or how he posted it).

Now the farm gets an influx of Chinese tourists driving down from Sydney especially to visit this blueberry farm.

The farm did no advertising campaign, a happy customer advertised for them.

Your next lucky break could come from anyone, so treat everyone like they are extremely influential…because they may be.

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