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1333 – What does that number mean?

For me it is a goal, a goal for financial independence.

I have multiple niche sites, totally around 100 articles. These 100 articles are currently making me around $300/month in adsense revenue.

If I maintained the same income per article that I have at the moment then 1,333 articles would generate around $4,000/month. This would be enough money to sustain me and my family.

How Long Will This Take?

1 post per day – 3 years 5 months (age 29) – This is my current posting schedule.

10 posts per week – 2 years 4 months (age 27…almost 28)

2 posts per day – 1 year 8 months (age 27)

3 posts per day – 1 year 2 months (age 26)

Sure I would love to post 3 posts per day but I have a day job! Also, each post costs an average of $7.50 to create (transcription services) thus posting 3 times a day would cost me $675/month. Money which I do not have.

The Difference Between A Lofty Goal and A Business Plan

That is what I was going to title this post. I am acutely aware that I currently do not have a business plan…and I wish I did.

All I have are some very rough figures based on probably not the most effective source of income.

April 2013 Earnings

In April I earned

~$250.00 in Adsense income

~ $30 in book sales

~ $800 in membership site subscriptions

As you can see Adsense is not my only source of income, nor is it my largest.

If 100 articles were able to drive enough traffic to make me $1,000/month then the figures would look very different.

Articles required = 400

1 post per day – 10 months

10 posts per week – 7 months

2 posts per day – 5 months

3 posts per day – 3.5 months

Obviously this is completely unrealistic, but it is good to play with the figures.

So Am I Creating A Business Plan?

At this stage…no

I don’t have the traffic yet where I feel like I can create a business plan and grow my business in any other way than creating more articles.

Plus I am onto something that is winning and I can see that if I continue creating great content my income could continue to grow.

1,333 might not end up being the magic number…it could be 3,333…but as long as I am moving in the right direction. Plus an extra couple of grand each month isn’t to be scoffed at.

The Hardest Part

The hardest part is finding the time to grow an online business. I work full time and have a wife and 2 kids.

If I had a year of savings I am almost positive I could achieve my goals within 12 months…but I don’t. So I work on my business before I go to work in the morning and after work at night. I work on it on weekends whenever I have down time.

I am basically working 2 full time jobs. Can I keep this up for 3 years and 5 months?

Probably not. I need to start working smarter, not harder.

Next Steps

I basically want to ramp up my productive time. I am recording audio podcasts of around 5-10 minutes and then sending them off to a transcription service.

Then I am spending about 30 minutes taking the transcription and turning it into a blog post. This is the 30 minutes I need to get back and I will be looking to outsource this in the near future.

Because if I could take that 30 minutes for each blog post and instead record more podcasts I could probably create 3 times as much content in the same amount of time.

Then maybe I could create 3 posts per day.

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