Daily Rambling

#74 I’ve Got A Lot Of Fun Projects I’m Working On

Business is going well at the moment and I am having a lot of fun working on some new projects. Business is doing quite well and I am having a lot of fun again in my business, which is exciting. I have a lot of little projects that I am working on but I guess [...]

5 Years On…And Not Financially Free

Almost 5 years ago exactly I wrote this post proclaiming exactly why I would be financially free in just 5 years time. Well 5 years have come and 5 years have gone and I am currently not financially free. So why aren’t I financially free (despite my proclamations and fierce self-belief). My Reasons That I [...]

Podcast Trend Predictions For 2014 and 2015

I wanted to quickly talk about some podcasting predictions that I have for 2014. and 2015. I also wanted to talk about some other things that I see in podcasting moving forward into 2014. and then as well into 2015. I’ve just written down some trends that I think are going to happen. #1 Increase In Podcast Listenership The [...]

Create Assets That Buy Assets

After listening to one of Robert Kiyosaki’s audiobooks there was a great idea that stood out to me. Robert way discussing that the investors who get large returns often do so by intertwining two or more asset categories. Those asset categories are Businesses Real Estate Paper Assets Commodities For example, Bill Gates turned his business [...]

The Future Of Podcasting

I believe the world of podcasting is about to undergo a massive shift into the mainstream. The culmination of advances in multiple different technologies are creating a landscape that is primed for the mass adoption of audio delivery of content. From the beginning of civilisation information has been conveyed through audio format. Natives told stories [...]

I’m Not Listening To Your 40 Minute Sermon (…sorry)

Those who know me know I can get very passionate about the church. Lately my passion has been laser focused at ways we can improve the way we communicate the message of the gospel. I truly feel that, in a lot of ways, the world has moved on. While we do some things really well, [...]

Why There Are 40% Less Book Stores Than There Was 3 Years Ago

I heard the statistic that there are now 40% less book stores than there was 3 years ago and today I discovered why. I went into a book store in a large shopping centre to grab a book for a client that we had discussed. Obviously the book was unavailable because it is a bit [...]

What Is My Why?

Recently I have been listening to the audiobook “Start with Why” and it is really challenging me to get a clear cause in my mind as to exactly what my company does and will stand for in the future. I just created some business cards that claims “I make Google work better” – meaning that [...]

10 Quotes From My Hero That Have Defined My Life

When pressed at school with the question “Who is your hero” I was always confused who to write down. Out of default I almost always chose Spider-Man. There was nothing about him that I really aspired to become, but he was my favourite super hero so it seemed like the best response. I always struggled [...]

Would You Listen To A Niche Site Podcast

I love podcasts, but lately I have been frustrated by the lack of podcasts that go into detail about creating and making money from niche sites. There is Mark Mason’s Podcast which is epic but infrequent, there is also Spencer from Niche Pursuits, but his podcast is extremely infrequent. My favourite podcast of all time [...]