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Create Assets That Buy Assets

After listening to one of Robert Kiyosaki’s audiobooks there was a great idea that stood out to me.

Robert way discussing that the investors who get large returns often do so by intertwining two or more asset categories.

Those asset categories are

For example, Bill Gates turned his business into paper assets by going public on the stock exchange. McDonalds used their business to buy real estate and also converted their business into paper assets through the stock exchange.

The idea here is:

Create assets that buy assets

And this has really stuck with me and is exactly what I want to do in 2014.

For example:

I create videos and podcasts (assets in that they generate advertising revenue and traffic) and I then pay to have them transcribed and converted into another asset – blog posts.

These blog posts generate traffic and passive income through advertising.

I then use the blog posts to build an email newsletter list, which is also an asset as it generates more traffic (and advertising revenue) and sales of products.

So currently my business looks like this:

Video/Podcast (asset) –> Blog Post (asset) –> Email Subscriber List (asset)

In 2014 I will definitely be looking at creating more assets that can buy assets. I want to find more systems like the one above where I can gain 3 assets from the creation of just 1 asset.

Eventually I would also like to have profitable businesses (assets) that purchase real estate (assets).

I am extremely excited for my financial future in 2014 and beyond.

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