Ryan McLean : Slightly Unconventional

What Is My Why?

Recently I have been listening to the audiobook “Start with Why” and it is really challenging me to get a clear cause in my mind as to exactly what my company does and will stand for in the future.

I just created some business cards that claims “I make Google work better” – meaning that I create high quality articles that give people the answers to their search terms.

While on the surface that is what I do really I want my cause to be deeper than that.

I want to educate and inspire people to continually grow and have a positive impact in their own lives and the lives of those around them.

I choose to do that through information publishing on the internet. I do that with blogs, podcasts, videos and niche websites.

I am writing this out more to gain clarity of mind for myself than to share my vision with the rest of the world.

So really my cause is:

“To educate and inspire individuals to continually improve their lives and the lives of those around them”

That is my why. I like that. It is succinct and really gets to the heart of what I am trying to achieve.

It is why I have chosen against going after niche sites in the car industry or in any industry for that matter where I feel I cannot add a high level of value to anyone who visits my site.

It is why I have chosen to create the majority of my content myself, even though I know I can get average articles written on the cheap.

It is the reason why I am starting to be favoured in Google, because my content is great and serves people’s needs well.

It is the reason why I believe I need to go out on my own and give this a good go.

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