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Why There Are 40% Less Book Stores Than There Was 3 Years Ago

I heard the statistic that there are now 40% less book stores than there was 3 years ago and today I discovered why.

I went into a book store in a large shopping centre to grab a book for a client that we had discussed.

Obviously the book was unavailable because it is a bit niche. Fair enough.

I also knew it would be more expensive than online but I wanted the convenience of someone ordering it for me and all I have to do is pick it up.

So I request that they order the book for me and when I asked how long the book will be they stated 10 business days!!!

“Can it come in any faster?” – I was happy to pay more

“No, we can’t do that”

I finish my role in 8 business days and then I move interstate. So 10 business days was unacceptable.

How can a national book retailer take so long to get a book they stock to one of their stores?

I think book stores are going under for one reason


– You don’t have the book I want because you can’t hold ample stock
– You can’t get it for me quickly (unsure why this is)
– You charge me more for less convenience because of your overheads

No wonder there are less book stores today than there was yesterday.

Thank God for the Internet

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