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Should Your Niche Sites Be About Things You Are Passionate About?

Recently I set the goal of creating 20 profitable niche sites by the end of 2013.

My strategy was to go after every and any topic that had low keyword competition and an ability to make money. I am now considering altering my strategy and applying more focus to my work.

The successful sites that I have have generally come from some aspect of my life. They either represent something I am interested in, have a passion for, am skilled at or a problem I have.

The recent niche sites that I have bought and created haven’t ticked any of these boxes. I simply did a bunch of keyword research and then created and website and outsourced some articles.

It is WAY too early to tell if these sites will be successful, but what I have found is that I don’t feel like I am adding as much value to the Internet with these niche site.

Starting a site about cars, or coffee machines, or any other product may be lucrative but it isn’t very interesting to me.

Starting a site about property, or finances, or disease, or medicine, or family or self development is interesting to me and I feel like I can add a great deal of value to these sites.

So my goal of 20 profitable niche sites by the end of 2013 has not changed. It is still my goal, but rather than throwing up and old niche site I am planning to only create sites where the content interests me.

I will also only be creating sites that would eventually have the ability to have 100 or more posts on there and where I would be able to launch my own product (which is proving very profitable).

I’ll keep you updated in how my existing sites are going (as I am now planning to scale these out further) as well as how my new niche sites are progressing.

I might even do a comparison between the sites I enjoy making, and the ones I am only making for the money.

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