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The Family Man and Why I Love Fridays

I am without a doubt a family man! Heck, I am 22 (almost 23) and I am already married with a kid. If it was just up to me I would probably have 2 kids (don’t tell the wife). I LOOOVE family.

You know how they always talk about how HUGE an influence you father has in your life? Maybe I love family because my dad loved family?

My dad was as family minded as they come. He worked one night a week (sunday nights) and the rest of the time he was a house dad. To him (and to my mum too) family was THE most important thing in life. Maybe that is why I love family so much?

An older chap from one of the suppliers I work with asked me the other day if I was studying. The answer being no. Everyone always asks me if I am studying. If you’re 22 (almost 23) without a degree people think you should be studying….maybe I should. Anyway, my reply to “are you studying” was something along the lines of “No….I’m a family man” and that made me feel good.

Friday is my family day. I hung out with Sasha all day and then picked mum up from work at 4:30 and went straight to the beach. Such good times!!! I love fridays.

I would love to be a hardcore business-man, and I do have a few business ideas and I am working on a few (slowly), but at the end of the day I am a family man and I only want the money so I can spend more time with my family….it’s a tough life 🙂

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