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Goals For 2011

This year I want to…

1. Start a paid membership site – Probably over at CFI, but maybe some other sites. Basically I want to get my internet business up and running again. I was once earning a part time income online from the blog smarterwealth.net, I want to just start earning a little bit of income online again.

2. Finish the year with less debt than I started with – It’s deinately time to start lowering my consumer debt so this year I want to get into that habit and start paying off our debt. We are trying to take steps to put us in a position where we can do that so it should be achieveable.

3. Earn myself 2 pay rises at my job – I started my new role last year and it is a great job that I can grow into. I want to take initiative and grow my role to make the business more money, make the business more effective (and thus make me more money too).

4. Find a place to settle in – I have moved 6 times in the last 2 years, and within a couple of months it will have been 7 times. I want to finally find a house/unit that we can live in for at least a couple of years. I am sick of moving.

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