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Take It One Month At A Time And Keep Focused

Generally when I get to the start of a new year I feel relieved that the previous year is over. Usually I am pretty down on myself because I didn’t accomplish as much as I wanted to accomplish and about this time of the year I am really excited to achieve the ridiculous goals I set for myself.

I must say that this year is very different. I have set three financial goals for the year and I know that if I just achieve those three goals then I will be well on my way to becoming wealthy. It is my goal to be financially free in 5 years, so this year is all about laying the foundation, learning about investing and freeing up some of my cashflow so we no longer have to live just above the bread line.

Two of my goals (investing in real estate and minimizing debt cashflow) are taking the back seat at the moment. They are slow cooking while I am working on raising capital for my investments. So the goal I am working on at the moment is to increase my passive income online so that it covers my online expenses. This means raising my passive income from $17/month (which it is currently) to $80/month. This is not a huge task and I should be able to accomplish it this year.

I have decided that if I want to achieve success this year I have to break it down and take it one month at a time. So today I did exactly that. I wrote down a list of things that I want to achieve this month, and I put them in a “To Do” list on the dashboard of my computer. I believe that not setting goals that are too difficult is the key to success in 2010. Just set goals that are baby steps towards your ultimate destination.

For example, one of my goals is to write 10 weeks of email newsletters for my email subscribers (I have about 1,300 at the moment). This doesn’t not immediately fulfill my goal of increasing my passive income online, but it builds trust and consistency with my audience, so that when I do release a product they will be open and ready for it. So today I wrote two weeks worth of email newsletters and I wrote the outline for the next 10 weeks.

Keeping Focused

I have to remember to keep completely focused this year. Even today as I was writing down the outlines for my email newsletters I started to get really excited about how I could use the same methods to make money in other niches. I started writing down a plan for making money in the photography niche, but I had to stop myself.

Last year I was all over the shop and I had no focus. I did a lot of things very poorly because I spread myself too thin. This year I am trying to calm myself down. Instead of getting excited over hundreds of things I just want to focus on my three goals and one or two methods for achieving each goal. I know that if I can focus and do one method well then it will reward me financially.

So instead of trying to do the wealth/personal finance niche and the photography niche I am going to forget about the photography niche for now. Once I have achieve a passive income in one area then I can shift my focus onto another area.

Here are my goals for the month


– Write 10 Weeks Worth Of Email Newsletters

– Write 30 Articles To Promote My Email Newsletter

– Write A Completed Outline Of My Newest Product

– Finish My Current Product

– Find An Affiliate Product To Promote


– Find Out How To Access The Baby Bonus

– Find Out How To Access The Family Tax Benefit

Real Estate

– Study my target area more indepth (I have about 11 things about my area I want to find out)

– Get Kel To Proof Read My Joint Venture Letter

So as you can see I do not have many goals for the month. But this is good because it allows me to focus. I have already started to smash out some of my goals for the month. Today I wrote a draft for my new product and wrote 2 email newsletters and I found my affiliate product to promote.

I feel like I achieved a good amount today and I am looking forward to tomorrow. My missus is home tomorrow so tomorrow I plan to research the Baby Bonus and Family Tax Benefit as my step towards wealth. I also plan on reading some more of my real estate book and getting Kel to proofread a letter I wrote to put in people’s letterboxes in the hopes of finding a joint venture partner that I can invest in property with.

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