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365 Days to Wealth: Day #1 – Decision

Well today start my 365 day journey to wealth. Where I will be spending 365 days documenting what I do each day that moves me closer to wealth. The goal is not to become rich in one year, the goal is to take a least one step forward towards a wealthier life each day. That step might be large (like purchasing an investment) or it might be small (like reading a book or website).

Day #1 is the decision. If I want to take out 365 days of my life to take a step towards wealth then I have to decide to do that. You know the saying “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. Really the journey of a thousand miles begins with the decision to make the journey. The step is only taken after the decision has been made.

Today is New Year’s Day. A day of hangovers, Berocca, and sitting around doing nothing. It is likely that I drank a little bit too much last night and thus I will probably wake up to the heat feeling sticky, thirsty, sick and have a large headache. Thus I will not spend a lot of the day focusing on creating wealth. I will spend the day hanging out with my friends and my wife. I might even go to the beach.

But today I will decide to take out 365 days of my life to take steps towards achieving wealth. I document this not to make money from my blog, but for my own benefit. If you read this and get something out of it then please leave comments. I look forward to seeing how far I have come in 365 days at the start of 2011.

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