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#43 Sitting Down Is Literally Killing Me

iniartworksmallToday I watched an episode of Healthcare Triage and learned that sitting down is literally killing me. For every hour I sit down I apparently lost 23 minutes of my life.

Hey guys! Ryan here from Instructions Not Included and I just watched Healthcare Trios and I learned that sitting down increases your risks of death quite significantly over the course of your life and so I am standing up and I am pacing around because it is advised that you get up and you walk for about 1 to 2 minutes every 20 minutes which is a lot which I do not know I can do. But maybe doing recordings like this, I can walk around.

It was saying that if you sit down for an hour to watch television, you are losing 21 minutes of your life. That is the equivalent of the risks associated with sitting for long periods of time. And so that is quite scary. But yes.

So today I moved my office around. We actually moved our bedroom. There is a larger bedroom in our house which we were in and there is a smaller bedroom in our house but that has a balcony which opens out onto the bush. It has a nice view.

It has that outside space as well and so we moved our bedroom and we moved my office into this room so that was a cool thing to do today. The kids now have the bigger room. We have a smaller room but what we believe is a nicer room so that is cool. And then in terms of work, I edited a few videos.

I did a video series with Ben Everingham, who is a buyer’s agent and we talked about all the things people need to know if they are going to build a new-build property and the goal with that one is when people get to the fourth video, there is a call action to organize a strategy session with Ben. So I went through and I edited those which was pretty good. I have most of them done. Actually, now that I think about it, I should set one of those up to export while I am doing this and so I did that.

And then I also created a template for my next course which is the Suburb Research Course. It is a 7-point checklist that people go through in order to research a suburb. It is a really simple way for people to research. And so what I did was I created that template and I also went through and I found some photos and started setting up some Keynote presentations.

So I set up my first Keynote presentation so tomorrow I should be able to record video number 1 of that course. And then also, I will probably be looking at it and I think this is going to be an easier course to create than the last one on How To Find Positive Cash Flow Property. So that is cool. Hopefully it will not take me as long as the last one to create which just means that I can get it out of the way and I can focus on other things of my business creating my third course or marketing this course more often.

So that is cool, I am just setting this to export. That already exists; I must have already exported that one.

It is going to be a cool course because something that I think I am good at which my wife said a while ago, was I am good at taking complicated things and just breaking them down and making it simple for them. And a lot of stuff when it comes to researching an area is just so complicated.

There is so much data to look at, there are so many things to analyze that people just get absolutely nowhere. And so the fact that I can create this 1-page checklist for people that they can go through, it is not going to give them everything they need and I will present it to them in that way – like this is not the be all and end all of suburb research, but it is going to give you a great outline, a great overview of the area. And it is just helping people take that initial action and helping people to at least get somewhere because somewhere is better than nowhere.

And so by breaking down and making it simple, hopefully people will not be overwhelmed about suburb research. And in the next course Property Research and I can really help them with that.

And so I am excited about this course. I will go ahead and record it tomorrow. I have another sale of the How To Find Positive Cash Flow course, that was $100 there so that is pretty awesome. Definitely I am over what I achieved in my highest month in terms of my own products sales. And now I am just trying to hit that $6,250 in a month which will put me on target for my $75,000 a year.

So that is where I am at, few videos tomorrow in order to create that course and I will let you know how that is going. But it just seems course sales are going pretty well. No sales on On Property Sales lately which I am not concerned about because I did a big push on it. But I do not need to start thinking about how am I going to market On Property Plus more so I can continue to get people through the door and I can reach that 200 membership limit that I want to reach which basically guarantees my income for the year. So yeah, I will start thinking about that tomorrow and see how it will go.

So that is it for me today guys. Until next time, if you want instructions go and buy some furniture.

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