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Testing The Validity Of A Niche Site Idea…and it’s working

In August 2012 I started a niche site targeting a primary keyword. I wrote 5 articles (around 2,000 words each) and then just let it sit.

Here are the monthly visitor results
September: 15
October: 49
November: 65
December: 92
January: 124
February 1-5: 37 (if it keeps going like that I should get 207 visitors in feb)

Truthfully this website is running at a loss and not even breaking even (paying for the yearly domain name). But the CPC is decent and I am happy with the CTR also.

If the site continues to grow then it has the potential to generate a sizable income. All it would require is to scale out the site by adding new content and by focusing on extending my keyword portfolio.

Since its creation is has driven traffic from just 17 keywords, and i am ranked for many others (but not well). A quick analysis of these keywords show that they weren’t even ones I was targeting. So I could write more targeted content and get better rankings (and more traffic).

So, in conclusion, there is absolutely nothing to gloat about or take to the bank. But there is potential and only time will tell whether this will be a money site.

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