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24 Things I Learned When I Was 24

Today I turn 25 (yay). Here is the list of the 24 things I learned last year when I was aged 24.

1. I am worth far more (commercially) than I originally thought.
2. Having 2 kids is very hard, but once the second hit 1 it’s gets easier
3. I can move to another city and make friends quickly
4. I can be the absolute best if I set my mind to it
5. My loyalty lies first with my family, protecting and providing for them
6. Work colleagues can become good friends
7. Having fun makes you more productive
8. Feeling tired all the time sucks
9. I am addicted to energy drinks
10. I actually do love surfing and should do it more often
11. I can be bold and daring, in fact I need to be
12. The envelope exists to be pushed, the status quo to be broken.
13. Richard Branson lives most of his day like a normal person, except for 5 minutes per day. In those 5 minutes he creates millions of dollars of opportunity. What am I doing each day with my extraordinary 5 minutes?
14. When doing admin work I am worth $12/hour…throw me in a room with a client who needs their mind expanded and sales to happen and I am worth much more.
15. I know nothing about cars and I accepted that I will pay money for that lack of knowledge
16. I am however very talented in other areas, thus that is where my focus should be
17. I am completely dissatisfied with the current structure and experience of church, but realize I don’t know what is better (yet)
18. You can’t climb Uluru when it’s windy
19. My wife is my #1 support person and no one believes in me more than she does…and I love her
20. Orchids (flowers) actually latch themselves to trees in the wild
21. The new world of sales is about changing the way the customer does business instead of just solution selling
22. Be loud, be proud and share failures and successes more often
23. I can pay people back I feel personally indebted to (through the awesome input they have had in my lives) through my words. Giving praise back to them and raising up others.
24. Time goes too quick, cherish it

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