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#59 New Website (DreamyDad.com) And A New Approach To Making Money

iniartworksmallSo today I created a new website to approach making money in my business in a new way and I want to talk through exactly how I did that, what my plan is and how you guys can replicate that if you want to go down a similar path.

So while I was musing about – which I did talk to you guys about, was creating a website around the topic of night terrors. Now, this is a sleep disorder that happens in young children where they wake up and have a tantrum but they are not actually a wake. And there is a solution that I have discovered called Lully, which is a product, and it is now available for sale on Amazon.com.

So I was thinking about it, I have just interviewed one of the co-founders of Lully and I thought there is an opportunity for someone in this market to create good content and I was trying to pitch it to them, to say, “You guys, your product is so awesome! You need to create some good content in this market,” because really, their content is not very good because it was just really short articles that just do not solve the need that parents out there have. They want detailed information. They want to know how to solve it and they probably want it in a format other than written text as well.

So, what I decided to do was to do some research into this and to try and work out if is this a market that I can go after and to monetize this market would be through Amazon affiliates and recommending the Lully, which is selling on Amazon.com. Now, I understand there is an inherent risk with this. I am creating this website based on 1 product. If they pull this product off Amazon, if they stop selling this product, then the website basically becomes useless.

I could put some AdSense on there but yeah, it is probably not going to be as awesome as I would hope. So there is some risk in there, I do want to minimize my risks by not investing a lot of money and not investing a lot of time. And what I want to do to leverage my time is the same thing I do with all my websites. I just create videos, get them transcribed and also upload them to a podcast. So I am going to run a podcast, I am going to run a YouTube channel and I am going to run a blog. And so let me talk you through the process of what I did.

The first thing I did was keyword research because I wanted to understand whether or not I could go ahead and create this. I used a tool called Long Tail Pro, or I have the platinum version so Long Tail Platinum, which you can check out. Go to RyanMclean.net/LongTail, and this is an awesome keyword research tool. I just put in night terror and it searches for a whole bunch of keywords around night terrors and I saw that there is a lot of search volume for night terrors but there is also a lot of competition for night terrors.

So it is not going to be easy to rank for these terms, so that was definitely disheartening but just the sheer volume of what people were typing in as well that I know that there are forums and stuff out there, people asking questions. I now that this is a topic that parents write a lot about, that they are very passionate about so I am pretty confident that I can get some sort of traffic from this.

After I went through Long Tail Pro – that process, I then went to YouTube and I just search for some night terror-related stuff on YouTube and I found that there are only a couple of videos on there and most of them were 1-minute long and that is definitely not solving the need of the parents who want more information on this, and most of them are over 3 years old as well. So even though the competition was quite stiff in terms of Google, it was not as stiff on YouTube. But obviously there is not going to be as much volume on YouTube, but I did see that when I searched night terror the number 1 video that came had about 14,000 views.

While that is not a lot, it is a little bit and so I thought this is something that I am happy to move forward with and happy to give it a go. And also, just because this is such a problem that I had and a problem that I feel like parents need to know about, I kind of feel obligated to do it.

What I did after I did my keyword research is I then went on to GoDaddy to search for a domain, and if you want to buy a domain through GoDaddy, you can check out my affiliate link. Just go to RyanMclean.net/GoDaddy and you can check that out. Anyway, I went to GoDaddy. I ended up finding the domain DreamyDad.com.

I wanted something that was playful, something that was not serious because I did not want people to mistake me for a doctor or something like that. I am just a dad who has a kid with night terrors and who wants to help people. I am not a doctor who knows heaps about this. And so I did not want to appear that way, so I thought that a funny, kind-of-quirky brand would help me to get that message across. So I purchased that domain through GoDaddy. I found DreamyDad.com. I searched for a bunch of different things but that is what I ended up settling on.

I then set up web hosting and I used Arvix.com to host my website. And so I go to Arvix.com and there is a coupon code that I created called PodcastFast, which is another one of my websites, which gives you 20% off. So I went through Arvix.xom and I went ahead and I set up my website just on WordPress, through there. And also, while I was doing that I also decided to create a logo myself rather than waiting the 7 weeks to get one created.

So I just searched logo generator in Google and one came up from Square Space which I found really good. And I found a way to hack Squarespace so I did not have to pay for the logo and pay $10. So not really like a hack but a way to get screenshots and pretty high resolution images of the logo without watermarks or anything like that. That was really cool. Thanks Squarespace for creating that tool and for giving me access to that and sorry that I hacked the system and did not pay you the $10 but hey, you are getting a shoutout on my podcast, so it is not too bad. But yes, I use Squarespace’s logo generator to create a logo.

I also at the same time created some podcast artwork out of that and what I did as well from the keyword research is that I pooled probably about 30 or so articles that I could write. What I did was I got a piece of paper and each line just became a title of an article. I looked through what people are searching for, but then I also just came up with some things on my own like how to handle night terrors – that I came up with on my own, but night terrors in 2-year-olds, that was from Google.

So I got a mixture of Google and a mixture of things that I just came up with on my own just thinking about what would parents search. And I then went through and created outlines for the videos and I have 7 videos recorded. While I was editing some of those videos I went on to Fiber.com and I chose a video-intro bumper and so that will be delivered to me within 2 days, it is said. So that will go in my videos just to make it look a bit more professional. I did not want to upload it and it be like a bit dodgy. I wanted to wait a couple of days, get a professional. I also went to Audio Jungle and spent $20 on a new soundtrack, so I have a soundtrack for Dreamy Dad. That was where I was at.

I spent $12 on the domain name. I already had hosting so I did not have to spend any money on that. I then spent $5 on the Fiber gig. And then I spent $20 or $19 on the audio. So all up, I have spent $26. And then there is going to be some costs in getting the videos transcribed and getting my VA to upload them, so I need to take them into account. Basically, we are probably looking at somewhere between $50 and $100 to launch this site; and the goal is to seed it with 10 articles, somewhere between 10 to 14 articles. I have 14 that I would like to do but I will be happy if I stop at 10. So I have recorded 7 today and the idea is to record another 7 tomorrow, or maybe just to record another 3 tomorrow. And then hopefully, tomorrow I will also be able to edit them and be able to get that pre-roll bumper added in as well.

So my goal is to spend less than a week working on this website all up, and so at the moment I have spent 1 day. And what I am going to do is actually restrict myself, so I only have a week to work on this website and I do not have any more time. And so until I start to see a monetary return from this website, I will spend no more than a week on it. So that is my plan, that is the restriction that I have given myself and so far, we have done a day and we have done a lot: I have a website set up; I have a domain; I have a logo; I have a podcast at work; I have 7 videos recorded, which will eventually go into podcast; and so yeah, I am just waiting on a couple of things to come back and then we will be ready and rearing to go. And I will launch it and we will see how we go and I will keep you guys updated into how this little test goes and you guys can hold me to the fact that I will only work on this for a maximum of 1 week or about 40 hours.

So, so far it has been 1 day, I have 4 left. And then hopefully we can help a lot of people. Hopefully we can generate some sales through Amazon. I am not expecting anything huge even if I made maybe $500 a year, or something like that. That will be good, and this is just another way for me to diversify my income and a different way for me to make money. See, I have always thought that the best way to make money is to create a YouTube channel podcast whatever, drive traffic and sell your own products.

Selling your own products is great because the margin is high, people trust you so they are more likely to buy. But then the problem is selling your own product, you should then go to support those products. You have to create those products which is a lot of work. And so even though I sell a Lully, which is like $130 on Amazon, I probably make somewhere around 5% or 4, so I might make $6 or something per sale, so it is a lot, lot less than what I get from selling my own product. But if I want to be a media company, maybe I need to explore some of these things where I do not need to spend so much time creating my own products; and I can spend more time of being generous, putting out free content and trying to help more people.

So this is just, I guess, a new exploration into a new way of making money through affiliate sales and also diversify my income away from On Property. So that is where I want to get to with this; that is what I want to achieve. I will keep you guys updated on it. I hope that you are working hard on your business!
Until next time, if you want instructions go and buy some furniture.

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