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#58 Drinking A Beer And Celebrating

iniartworksmallToday I am drinking a beer and celebrating with you guys just like I promised? Long time listeners will remember this promise and why I am drinking this beer.

Hey guys, Ryan here from Instructions Not Included. I am drinking a beer and celebrating because I made a promise to you guys that when I got my first sale of something. Now, can you remember? I will go ahead and drink a beer and celebrate with you guys when that actually happens. So, here we go. I’m going to drink my beer. It’s good stuff.

The reason we are celebrating is that I made my first sale for outspoken.co, which is my public speaking site. I made my first sale on the product for this site, which is the $30 US sale. So, $30 – definitely not life-changing by any stretch of the imagination, but I’m super stoked to have taken this step and sold my first product and proven that at least someone wants to buy this product.Maybe this person is the only person in the world that wants to buy it, but at least someone did.

Yesterday, I got the notification from Snappy Checkout that someone has purchased my course. Snappy Checkout, as you guys know, I’m affiliate for them now. So, best way to collect payments, absolutely. Go to pelt.co P-E-L-T dot C-O /checkout to check out Snappy Checkout.

I definitely recommend them. The guy, Mike, who created it, is a stellar guy. Awesome customer service. But yes, I got the notification from Snappy Checkout through my email that I got a new product. I didn’t really think anything of it, because I get those notifications all the time through On Property.

You know, new subscription to Property Tools, new product sale, new course sale. And I have been marketing my course on suburb research, so I thought, oh, you know, maybe it’s something like that, just kind of left it. And then, I went through my emails to take action on these items and follow them and stuff like that and saw that it was actually for outspoken.co. This was actually a public speaking sale. I was like, Yes! Yes! This is absolutely awesome!

The marketing that I did for it was pretty pathetic, really. I’ve got a products page on the website where I’ve got a little spiel about the product with the Buy Now button, which takes you through to Snappy Checkout, but no good sales page or anything that. And then, I’ve also got an email that goes out about it.

So, nothing super serious that is going on there. But I made a sale. And so, I’m very happy with this, which means I’m making some money through outspoken.co, which means that maybe, just maybe, it’s time to re-invest in outspoken.co. Begin creating some videos for that where I can teach people about public speaking. And now that I’ve got a course and I can send them to the right website because all of my episodes talk about publicspeakingpower.com.

I can talk about the product as well and mention that and try and get people to buy it.

I haven’t actually decided that, yes, I’m going to go ahead and market this product more. But at least, one person bought it and so the day’s work that I did to create this course wasn’t for absolutely nothing. So far, it’s been for $30 and really, we wanted to create this to see whether we could sell it. And also, so we could improve on the product over time. Because, obviously, the more customers you get, the more feedback you get, the better insights you get about what products to create.

So, I’m super excited about that. Super excited to be celebrating with your guys, drinking my beer. Very good. It’s Friday afternoon. In terms of the suburb research course, the sales haven’t gone too stellar. I think I’ve had 2 sales. Definitely considering changing the cost of the product to $99 rather than $100 just to see if that makes any difference. My mate, Ben, said when they tested it, if a number ended in a 9, people were 16% more likely to buy it. So, experimenting with $99 versus $100 could be something to do.

I really just did $100 for transparency purposes and because I had done it on Property Tools, I had made it $5, but that was because Property Tools is so cheap. I wanted people to be able to say, yeah, there’s this tool, it’s just $5 a month. Go ahead and check it out. But I’m thinking maybe I should make it $99. And maybe I should make On Property Listings $49 instead of $50. I’m not 100% sure, but thinking about that.

Also, I’ve created 7 videos for that, so that’ll go out in November. I’ll send out some emails next week. I didn’t get around to sending another email this week, but I’ll send some more emails next week about suburb research because I’ll have content to send out about it as well. And so, hopefully, we can drive some more sales next week for that product as well.

Also, I’ve been working on Instructions Not Included today to get more episodes out to you guys. I had a break in recording, which means there was only one episode that I had missed the publish date for. So, that will go up today. So, that’s good. So, people didn’t miss out on much because I was too lazy to get the episodes edited. And also, for Instructions Not Included, I did a cool interview with the guy from Lully, which is a company that sells this vibrating disc, I guess you would call it, that helps children who have night terrors and I’ve got a child who has a night terror.

It really helps with them. So, I had a cool interview with him today, which I’m actually going to schedule earlier just so we can get it out sooner rather than later. I think that’s episode 44. So, ryanmclean.net/44. You can check out that interview. It’s called a [inaudible 5:51] story and how they came up with the idea and the research they went through in order to get it and to create a product that they could market and create a company around, which have now raised funds for and they’re doing really well.

It’s a great product. They’re meeting a real need. That was a great interview. So, that’s where I’m at. Nothing too serious, but definitely, I want to create more and more episodes for On Property and for the suburb research sort of stuff. But then, also, I was thinking after doing the interview with the guy from Lully, they actually sell that on Amazon. And so, I was thinking that could be a cool affiliate site for me.

A site about night terrors because I’m a parent, I have a child who experiences night terrors. I could definitely take that angle on it. Market the product through Amazon and then just have it as an Amazon affiliate site. I’ve been talking to them, shared some ideas about how to market stuff for their product. I really like the product, I would feel very comfortable marketing it and it’s just something very interesting. Obviously, the big risk with that is if they product off Amazon, decide to sell it directly, well, then I just kind of lose my entire revenue stream from that. So, I don’t know.

It’s something that I’m going to mull over and consider this weekend. Should I create an affiliate website on night terrors to market this product? Because I have that experience, I can do some research and some knowledge into it. The product sells for $150 or something. So, a 5% commission is $7. I have to sell a lot to make any decent amount of money, but definitely something worth exploring. So I’ll mull over that and see how I go.

Well, that’s my musings for today, guys. I’ve been working hard. I’m keen to grow my business even more. I talked to Ben. No payments coming through for the end of this month, which is disappointing. But I have had some product sales, $50, $100 here and there. So, I do have enough money. I don’t think I’m going to run out of money. And I do have a lot of personal savings as well, which I’m okay to spend if I need to. But I spoke to Ben, I got 2 extra sales, which is like another $2,500 coming from him eventually.

So, it’s not coming at the end of the month, so cash flow is going to be tight, but I will make it and I am doing enough in product sales to get me through this storm. Even if I’m not, then, I do have some savings that I can work upon as well.

That’s it for me today, guys. Wish me the best of luck in musing about this new website and also dealing with my cash flow issues. I hope everything is going well for you. And until next time, if you want instructions, go and buy some furniture.

3 responses to “#58 Drinking A Beer And Celebrating”

  1. Sam says:

    Hi Ryan, Havent heard an update in a while. I hope everything is okay and that you’ve managed to pull through with your finances.

    • ryan says:

      Hey Sam,

      Thanks for your comment. Wasn’t 100% sure if many people were following my story. I’ve recorded a few more eps but haven’t uploaded them. Need to get my ass into gear.

      • Sam says:

        Haha I’ve been occasionally keeping up to date on what you’ve been up to. Really inspired by your journey! As for myself, Ive been learning how to develop mobile apps and considering whether I should work on an idea that sticks full time soon 🙂

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