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Minimizing Batch Time For Web Based Start Ups

Recently I tested a new service on one of my websites. I released a paid BETA version to my email subscribers and had a low but acceptable conversion rate (1% conversion from free subscriber into paying customer).

I then put an adjusted service offering on my website and just let it sit there. In 20 days I have just over 100 pageviews and a total of 0 sales.

The basic premise has merit (I proved this in the beta launch) but the service offering needs some tweaking.

My problem is this: I don’t want to wait 20 days to find out if it is working or not. I want faster batch cycles because I want to get something of value up as quickly as possible so I can grow the website.

My solution – I took the sales page from simply being one page on my website (getting about 150 pageviews per month) and I added it to my home page also (700 pageviews per month).

This should give me about 850 pageviews for the month and should only take 4 days to get the 100 pageviews it previously took me 20 days to get.

I have now cut my batch time down by a multiple of 5! Or increased my data set by a multiple of 5 allowing me to make more intelligent decisions.

Now it’s time to just wait for the results or see if I need to change tact again.

What I like about this website is that I have readers (potential customers) constantly coming to the site without me having to do anything. What I can focus on now is making products for my customers…instead of trying to find customers for my products.

Love it

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