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I’m Ranking #1 For My Target Keyword Phrase

8 months after I started a small niche site I have just secured the #1 spot for my target keyword. This keyword is searched over 1,000 times per month and I have been sitting in the #2 spot for over 1 month now.

Traffic is up from just a few visitors per day in January to almost 30 visitors per day in March so far.

February was a disappointing month. I had over 3 times the traffic as January but actually earned less income.

I have already earned more income in March than I did for February (or January) and we will see if the income continues to rise.

The site is still not as profitable as I would like it to be and I am hesitant to throw more work into it.

I will let it sit for another month or so to prove to me it is worth investing in and then I will go harder on improving the website, gaining more traffic and thus more income.

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