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Microtesting Complete

Microtesting my business idea has to go down as one of the best business decisions I have made to date.

I am an impulsive person! As soon as I get an idea I want to run with it. This often leads to me not being prepared to do business properly and doing a half assed job.

By microtesting my business idea I have been able to develop my business without the expenses of running it, and without having to deal with customers. I have been able to test whether it would be a viable business idea (which it is) and was able to tweak it to maximize profits, conversions and traffic to the site. Microtesting has also allowed me to research the legal side of my business and make sure I protect myself with disclaimers, legal advice and corporate structures.

This will probably be my last post on microtesting for the time being as I have actually finished microtesting and am currently building up my marketing campaign. I just wanted to close off this chapter of my life on the blog so I can move on.

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