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Having a Time Sensitive Offer

Wow, people like to take their sweet time. I am currently microtesting a business idea…well it has moved more from microtesting to setting up and building a database for a launch, and I have begun to see why everyone talks so much about having a time sensitive offer.

Whenever I go to conferences they always have an offer for “Today Only”. This is to try and get people to take action.

On my site I start with having a 50% offer and I made it valid only for a couple of days, and I found that I go a few signups by doing this. It was a pain in the ass changing the dates all the time so I created a special offer and made it valid for about 2 weeks. I thought this was still short enough to bring in sales but I was wrong.

Everyone seems to be waiting out. They are not forced to make a decision immediately (Today Only) so they take their time and weigh up the options. I wonder whether when it comes to the end of March (when the offer ends) I will get an influx of people wanting to sign up. Time will tell.

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