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#30 Marketing Property Tools More Mon 27th July 2015

iniartworksmallHey guys!
Ryan here from Instructions Not Included and I have missed a couple of days because I was working and I forgot to record.
So if you are hanging out for that sort of stuff and I do not even know at this point of time if I have any audience at all because what I am doing is creating these and publishing them 6 weeks in the future. But if there is anyone hanging out for that I do apologize.
I try to record every day that I work but I do not get around to doing it every single day.
So I am back on Monday. I think last time I spoke to you guys I was super pumped about creating eBooks and doing that sort of thing. And what I did, I finished the 30-day Property Journey which I think I told you guys about. And then I started scouring through my blog to see if there was any blog post or a series of blog posts that I could compile into an eBook and I found one, 15 Ways to Improve an Underperforming Property.
It was a 20 minute video that I did so it is about 3,500 words and so I converted that into an eBook and got that up on Amazon within a day.
Now in terms of sales from the eBooks that launched I have had no sales in the last week or whatever, ever since I launched them which was probably Friday when I really got them all online. I have not seen any sales through Kindle at all for those sort of things. And I am not too worried about that, it is very niche topic and so to expect to get sales every single day from a book that I just launched from an author that nobody knows about on a topic that not a lot of people care about.
I am probably not expecting that. What I am hoping for is that over time people will buy the books and it will just create a small passive income stream to supplement my other business income.
What I would love is just to diversify my income a little bit so it is not all coming from one membership site but there is this eBooks and I have a couple of different membership sites or software tools. By having that diversification it allows me, I guess, to be more financially stable and so that way if for any reason one thing goes away then I have other things to cover that up.
Today, I did some emails and then I did a couple of videos for On Property and what is interesting is I got a notepad 6 or something months ago and I went through every page on the notepad and I wrote a property question on every single page. I just answered 2 of those in videos today so I created 2 videos. But I am going through this and look, for On Property I am getting like 2,000 visitors a day to my website, 1,500 to 2,000, which is pretty good for the Australian property industry. And I am looking through these questions and a lot of them I already ranked pretty high for them when you type it on Google like the one What is the 11-second Rule? which I am ranked first for.
Anyway, I am going through this and is there any point actually answering these questions and actually creating this content because I am already maxing out the attention that I get from these sorts of topics. I guess I have been questioning today what is the future of On Property and should I be focusing on creating more content at all or should I just be focusing on creating products and selling products and monetizing the audience that I have. That is a question that I do not have an answer to.
One thing that I was thinking, I have a software program called Property Tools which I sell for $5 a month or $50 per year. And then I have On Property Plus which is my premium membership website which is like $300 a year. But Property Tools I launched about 2 months ago and I have 50 members and On Property Plus I launched over a year ago and I have about 130 or 140 members.
Property Tools definitely has the potential to be bigger in terms of the number of customers, in terms of the revenue that it generates. Obviously I need to get a lot of customers in order to generate significant revenue. Like in order to generate $60,000 per year, I would need a thousand customers. And at the growth rate I am on at the moment, which is only about 20 new signups per month, assuming that no one ever unsubscribes, which let us face it, a lot of people are going to unsubscribe. It will take something like 5 years to get to a thousand, 4 or 5 years or something to get to a thousand people.
So not really achievable for that but I do still think that there is a good possibility for Property Tools to make good money so something that I was thinking about over the course of the weekend was how can I make Property Tools more prominent on my website and how can I sell more memberships to Property Tools because a lot of people are signing up. People are not necessarily email subscribers. They are not getting it through the email. They are just seeing it on my site and signing up so the barrier to entry is low because obviously it is cheap, serving a need for people and so I would like to market that more.
And so some of the ideas I came up with, obviously I could create more content and then I could market Property Tools within that content. I could add it into my email subscribers but I have done a couple of emails about it with not a lot of conversions. It is really something that I guess people have the need and they sign up because they have the need for it. I am actually not 100% sure but one idea that I did have was basically go through my old content and the content that gets a lot of traffic I look at ways that I could incorporate advertising property tools into that.
Let me just see if I can find the page that I did this on. Here we go. So I looked at the top posts. The top 19 posts, now I have over about 500 posts or something like that on my site which in the last 30 days I have about 70,000 page views and the top 19 pages actually acquired 38% of the page views that I have.
So what I am considering, which is thousands and thousands obviously – 26,000 or more page views, is going through these articles, these videos that I have created and actually putting in some marketing for Property Tools in there inside the content. And at the bottom of the content, recommending Property Tools more heavily just to try and get people across.
So that is something that I am exploring. I will let you guys know how it goes. But today as I was going through these questions and trying to create videos, I am just finding myself stuck because a lot of the content I have already created and I feel like I do not really want to do it again. So should I move on to a different topic like my public speaking site? What am I to do? And I do not have any answer to that question yet.
In terms of public speaking, as you guys know I changed the name from Public Speaking Power to Teach Speaking. And I am actually considering re-branding again. I got the website Outspoken.co and I thought that is a pretty cool name. Maybe I could name it Outspoken and Teach Speaking could just be the product for teachers, helping them to teach students public speaking. So Outspoken.co would be the brand name and then teach Speaking would be the product. So that is something I am mulling over.
I am not 100% sure if it is just a silly name, not very good or if it is actually going to be awesome. So I will keep you guys updated on that.
That is it for me today. That is my update from Instructions Not Included, from this Monday. And my room is very messy and I need to clean it. But hey, the life of an internet entrepreneur.
Okay guys, until next time. If you want instructions go and buy some furniture.

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