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#29 I Finished My Ebook Wed 22nd July 2015

iniartworksmallHi guys!

Ryan here from Instructions Not Included and I just want to let you know that I finished my eBook today.

It took just about 2 days in order to get that finished. In terms of the cover for the book, I have actually gone ahead and created a cover myself using a program called Canva, c-a-n-v-a.

The book ended up coming in at 36,900 words so it is going to cost me just a bit less than $200 (US) in order to get that edited. I have found an editor and I am just waiting for them to send me like a custom project on Fiverr so that I can go ahead and pay them in one lump sum rather than pay them in $5 increments or something like that. So, I have an editor for the book. I have done the title myself to make it a better cover. I have actually put it on Kindle already, put it on Amazon already.

So with this one I have actually decided to go for the $0.99 price on amazon rather than the $2.99 (US) or $3.99 (Australian) which actually bumps you up and gets you a bigger percentage. If you sell it for between $2.99 and $9.99 (US), then you get 70% commission on the sale. And if you sell it for outside of that range, you only get 35%. But I wanted to try the $0.99 just because I have not done it before and it is such a low barrier to entry for people to spend a dollar on a book. And so I have made it $0.99 (US).

I have made it $0.99 (Australian) as well. And so hopefully people on there are considering which book to buy, they will see mine for $0.99 and they will give it a go.

I can always change it at a later date but I just wanted to test this. And I actually want to change The Essential Guide to Buying Your First Property in Australia, which is my other book. I would like to change that to $0.99 as well. What I am hoping is that as I build up this resource of eBooks, they can start to feed off each other so one will cause people, if they like it, to buy another one of my books and I can cross reference the books in there so they can get the links and go ahead and buy them. Yeah, so I am just testing a few things out.

I do think that as I have more titles in Kindle then I am going to get more sales and people will buy multiple versions of my titles. That is something that I am interested in and I am also going to be looking at actually getting this book printed. So after I get it edited I am going to consider doing a print run. I looked into it using the company Create Space which is made by Amazon so you can print on demand, which is pretty cool. So I might just do that and get a book printed and send out to myself just for fun. Or you can do print run so I could do a hundred books and get them printed here.

It is actually pretty cheap. It is $2.50 (US) per book to get it printed. To get it shipped to Australia for a hundred books is like $200 (US). So you are looking about for a hundred books, $450 (US) to get it shipped here and so that is $4.50 (US) per book so about $6 (Australian) per book or something like that. So it is pretty cheap to get them printed but I think Print on Demand is easier and I can just buy one. And if anyone wants to buy it then I can put them through to Amazon and they can buy a Print on Demand version. So that is something I will be looking into this week.

And later in the week I want to get the edited version back and I am going to print it. However if I am doing Print on Demand then I can just put the kind version and in that way just change it once I get the edited version back. Let us do that. I will do that later in the week or report on how that goes and how to set that up because I do not know how to do that. But yeah, I am stoked to have had this finished in just 2 days and have it up already for sale.

It will be approved in 12 hours or something like that, got an editor for it, done the cover. Should have just done the cover myself, I could have saved myself that $52.50 (US) and so you are living it alone for next time. But if this editor is good then I am going to get them to go through and edit my other book The Essential Guide to Buying Your First Property in Australia, which is actually only like 7,000 words. So it is only going to cost me like $45 (US) to get edited.

So that is definitely worth doing because there are so many errors in that. I remember reading through it to create like an audio book version of it and there were just so many errors. I will let you guys know how I go over the course of this. And then next I am going to be focused on a book on saving your deposit, some radical ways that people can save their deposit. I have like an outline of what I want that book to be but it is pretty long and I am not sure I want that book to be that long. I am thinking a shorter book might be better. So I need to assess that and I will do that tomorrow.

It is 7 o’clock at night now. So I am going to call it a day and hang out for a bit and do my thing, have some dinner, all that good stuff.
Alright guys until tomorrow. If you want instructions go and buy some furniture.

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