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Leaving A Legacy In This Life

Christopher McCandless died at 24 years of age. He was a modern day adventurer who travelled the world. His final months were spent in the Alaskan wilderness where he lived by himself in an abandoned bus in an attempt to live off the land.

Unfortunately after 4 months he passed away from starvation.

What does this have to do with leaving a legacy in this life?

Christopher documented his entire journey. His journals were found and were used to recreate his life in a book titled “Into The Wild”. This also became a feature film by the same name. Despite his early death, his story lived on because he documented it.

We have the opportunity to leave a legacy with the words that we write and the pieces of us we leave behind.

Here are some simple steps I want to follow to leave a legacy

#1 – Love people for they are the ultimate legacy
(My wife and my kids are my number one priority, and then those around me who I get to share life with)

#2 – Live an extraordinary life that people would want to know about
(Still haven’t managed to work that bit out yet…I don’t want to live an ordinary life)

#3 – Document your journey
(I blog and I podcast…I even make a few videos)

#4 – Share it with the world (hopefully not due to an unfortunate death)

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