Ryan McLean : Slightly Unconventional

Time For A New Online Adveture


Sometimes we have great plans for our lives. Plans to make a name for ourselves and make the world a better place.

In my mind I had a plan to be a great entrepreneur. I wanted to fight poverty using education and making it affordable and accessible to everyone.

I even made a mission statement: “To provide the world’s 7 billion people will access to high quality affordable information that improve their lives and the lives of those around them.”

However, when spending time with God recently I felt I heard him say “That is a great cause…but that doesn’t mean you’re the one who should do it.” God basically shut down my big plans for myself and gave me a glimpse of the plans he had for me.

When I talked about the fears of finance God said “Don’t you think I will pay you for your work?”. When talking about my current endeavors I felt compelled to sell CashFlowInvestor.com.au which has been my baby for almost 4 years now. I also felt compelled to start a Christian website.

My wife said to me the other day “lets never be afraid to hit the reset button” and I think that is what I am going to do.

CFI made $500+ this month so it is a great time to sell it. However, I have been thinking about my Christian website and I don’t know what I am going to do.

I know I want to podcast, and I know I want to be real (not a super pastor like Joyce Meyer), I also know I want to tackle some hard questions like that of morality, healing and some other tough things I have come across.

I think I will use this website (my own name) to launch my Christian podcast. No idea what it will be called yet or how I will make any money but “let’s never be afraid to reset”…time for a new adventure.

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