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The Power Of One Idea

What if your greatest accomplishment in life was the spreading of one powerful idea that would improve the lives of millions?

Let me express this point using an example from the study of the brain (of which I have been doing a lot of research into lately.)

It was previously thought that the adult brain was stuck. That you had what you had and that was that. This theory was “proven” by the fact that elderly stroke patients who experience paralysis in one side of their bodies could not recover use of that side.

It was also proven through tests on monkeys.

Then along came Paul Bach-y-Rita, notably one of the most inspiring neuroscientists of modern times.

He had a great idea that the brain could change late in life and proved his theory through rehabilitating his father to full recovery from a severe stroke and also creating a device that allowed blind people to see.

This one idea completely changed what we knew about the brain and has changed the entire trajectory of neuroscience.

Martin Luther also had one big idea. His big idea was that Christ paid for our sins and all we have to do is accept that to be saved. Full stop. Period. This went completely against the religious beliefs at the time.

Martin Luther’s big idea changed Christianity forever and has allowed many people to find Christ. Paul Bach-y-Rita changed neuroscience forever having a MASSIVE positive impact on the treatment of stroke, dyslexia, autism and many other disabilities.

My question to you is: Do you have one idea that could change the course of the world?

I bet you do!

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