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Learning to Express Yourself – Day #19

Well after my emotional breakdown yesterday I feel much better today. I am back on the horse so to speak and pushing my way towards wealth.

Me and my mum have always butted heads. We are both extremely strong headed and usually we have the opposite opinions, especially when it comes to money. Even as a kid I was always very open about money and curious and my mum was more conservative. I think I annoyed her more than once asking her how much she earned.

But today my mum messaged me asking me to present my investment ideas to her. I wrote back and said “Who are you and what have you done with my mother”. Haha.

But I am going to present my investment ideas to my mum. I am not holding my breath hoping that she will want to invest with me, in fact I would almost advise her against it, but I am looking forward to the opportunity to show her how good my ideas are.

So today I learned a lot about communicating effectively to different people. I created a PowerPoint presentation for my mum because I think she will receive more info that way. My mother in law on the other hand would probably need more visual aids because she is a very different person (very creative thinking). Each person is different and if I want to be able to express myself effectively to each person. After all, it is all about communication.

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