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It’s All Relative

In bible college we studied relativity in regards to new age religion. “The only absolute truth is that there is no absolute truth, truth is relative to each individual person”.

At bible college it was almost as if they taught us relativity was wrong because in saying there is no absolute truth you are making an absolute statement which is contradictory in and of itself, thus cannot be true. But I think I believe there is both absolute truth and relativity.

I have never given much thought to relativity in the past. But this last couple of weeks has made me think of relativity in regards to money. The fact that the value of money is all relative.

For example, it was Sasha’s birthday party last weekend so we were saving every dollar we had to put towards the party. I went down to Cronulla that week and as I walked past the pie shop I decided that there is no way a pie was worth $4.20 to me. I would rather wait and go home and eat for cheaper.

Yet this week, after the party, I went and bought two pies and thought that $4.20 was extremely cheap.

The price of the pie didn’t change in the last 10 days that suddenly it was cheap, it stayed the same. The only thing that changed was me and my view on money. The value of the currency you hold in your wallet is relative to your situation.

Makes me think that money isn’t the only thing that is relative…..

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