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What Do I Do After I’m Done Surviving

Just over 12 months ago I left the safety and security of my 6 figure job and moved interstate following the call of God and a dream to run my own business.

It has been a great 12 months living on the Gold Coast and my business has continued to grow from strength to strength.

I remember late 2013 stressing about even being able to generate $500 for my business and now I stand just over a year later generating over $3,000 in monthly revenues and potentially cracking $5,000 in monthly revenue next month.

I see myself coming to the end of my “fight for survival” where I have been working my ass of just to earn enough by myself to scrape by.

While I am not out of the woods just yet I feel that the days of stressing about just earning enough money to pay rent and behind me and now I am looking forward into the future trying to work out what the hell I want to do next.

I am not short on options. I can continue to grow my flagship website On Property and make it a leader in the industry. I could continue to create more content, add additional products and make my membership site even more valuable.

This is an obvious step to take and I guess I will be spending at least part of my time continuing to grow On Property. So the real question is

Will I spend all my time growing On Property or will I look to expand my business into other niches?

When I started my business the plan was always to become some sort of “educational business” which expands the education of the world. I never planned on focusing so heavily on just one niche. But the property industry has so much opportunity for a transparent affordable teacher to come in and help people and I have really found my place in that niche.

I have other sites that are successful in terms of traffic. One of public speaking, one of fatigue, one on audiobooks – but they aren’t as successful as I would like them to be in terms of revenue generated. I would love to grow out these sites so they can become their own self sustaining entities – continuing to grow and support themselves.

So I guess by writing this I am answering my own question.

Most of my time in 2015 will probably be spent on On Property. However, I will have a focus on automating much of that, hiring employees (or contractors) to do a lot of the monotonous work and really try to turn the website into an industry leader.

But I will also be allocating portions of my time to another niche of mine and trying to bring that up to a self perpetuation level where I can also hire outsources or writers and continue to grow it by itself.

Looking forward to 2015.

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