Fiverr Editor Instuctions


This is a video transcription and I would like it turned into a formatted word document. Basically at the end of it I would like it to read like a blog post NOT a transcription.

Here is what I need done:

  • SUBTITLES – Please add subtitles to the article where appropriates
  • REMOVE COMMAS – Many transcribers use excessive commas. Please remove excessive use of commas as well as semi-colons. Either remove them completely or replace with either full stops or joining words to created longer sentences (eg. or, and).
  • GRAMMATICAL ERRORS – When converting from video to text there are often many grammatical errors. (Eg. Sentences starting with “so” or “but”
  • REMOVE MARKETING SECTIONS – Sections like “Hi, I’m Ryan McLean and I’m from” is great in a video but horrible in a blog post. Remove these sections (usually there is one section near the start and one at the end)
  • MORE PARAGRAPHS – People love to scan blog posts. Paragraphs should be no more than 3 (maybe 4) sentences long. Please use more paragraphs. I am not against 1 sentence paragraphs where applicable.
  • CORRECTING SENTENCES – Some sentences need some editing to read better.
  • Eg.
  • “No one calls you when the phone lines are down and says, We need you to help fix our phone lines or fix X in our business.”
  • Becomes something like:
  • “No one calls you when the phone lines are down to say they need help fixing their phone lines or other issues within the business”
  • BOLD – If you need to emphasise a point or sentence feel free to make it bold text
  • BULLET POINTS – If something requires bullet points then convert the paragraph into bullet points
  • eg.
  • “When you own an investment property, you can go and visit that property and you can do things to make that investment perform better. You can do renovations, you can paint the house, you can market the property better, you could mow the lawns or do up the garden.”
  • Could become bullet points

Editing should be done inside wordpress. Links and login details will be provide.

My WordPress Tutorial

Please let me know if you have any more questions

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