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Getting Rich Automatically – Day #13 – 365 Days To Wealth

One of my goals for this year is to generate $80/month of passive income online. Well today I was busy taking my broken iPhone to the Mac store and hanging out with my hot pregnant wife that I didn’t get time to put in any effort towards that goal. But yet, due to my automated online methods, I just got $15/month closer to that goal.

It is an awesome feeling to check your email inbox and see that you have sold a product that will pay you $15/month indefinately, without even lifting a finger. Truthfully I don’t even know how I sold it, or how the people found my affiliate link, but I did. I am literally starting to get rich automatically. Admittedly it is not a lot of money (only $15/month) but hey, I didn’t have to do much to get it. In fact today I did absolutely nothing to get it.

Everything I do online this year is going to be focused on generating passive income automatically. Yes I will work online this year, but I will work in such a way that whatever work I do continues to work for me for years to come. Work I did 1-3 years ago is still generating me sales today, and I wasn’t even focusing on passive income in the past. Imagine how much more I can achieve focusing solely on creating an automatic system that will make me richer and richer each day whether I lift a finger or not.

Now that sounds like something I would be willing to spend some time on.

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