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Getting Back Into Internet Marketing – Day 41

Today I am getting back into internet marketing. In the last few weeks I have completely stopped internet marketing to focus on property. There is so much more money to be made easier in property than internet marketing and I can see now how property can provide me with financial freedom a lot quicker than internet marketing ever could.

Although I do have a problem. Property doesn’t take up a lot of my time. Doing property deals is an elongated process and takes minutes of your time spread throughout each day and each week. But then you have the dilemma of what you do with the time in between. I could do nothing, but that isn’t exactly me, I always love to have my head full of something.

So after much consideration I have decided to start getting back into internet marketing. Property will still be my focus, and will be my focus until I am financially free, but I realise that internet marketing will be good for me also. Firstly it will generate income which will increase my borrowing power, secondly it will give me something to do, but most importantly it will give me an outlet for which to teach.

I have come a long way in the last 6 months when it comes to understanding wealth and actually being in a position where I am moving forward into wealth. I am currently still in negotiations on my first property deal and I am looking to do my second deal within the next month.

It will be very different teaching wealth from a place of wealth (or really moving towards) than just from a student’s perspective. In the past I have always been the student of wealth, someone who knows a lot but not someone that had a lot of money. In fact I worked just enough to scrape by so that I could spend my time studying wealth. This meant I had great knowledge but no money.

I do believe that knowledge brings with it finance. The size of your bank account will increase to fit in with the size of you as a person. If you are rich on the inside, you will naturally gather and grow money to reflect who you are on the inside. If you are poor on the inside, even if you win lotto, your money will naturally shrink to fit who you are. So I am so glad that I focused on increasing my capacity instead of working harder for money.

I haven’t really planned out exactly what I am going to do when it comes to internet marketing. This blog exists as my own outlet for my life, so it won’t be part of my investment plan. I am not trying to make money from this blog. Although I have a few other things in mind.

I have grown a large subscriber base over the last few years (about 1,500 subscribers) but making money from my subscribers has always seem to elude me. So to combat this I plan to create my own course to market to my subscribers. It will be a course to teach people about the financial basics that I have been learning for the last 6 months. The financial basics that have allowed me to purchase my first property and start generating passive income.

I also want to continue to market and grow my list. I have around 1,500 subscribers. Ultimately I want to have 60,000+ subscribers and to get them I will be writing articles and submitting them to article directories.

I also want to eventually create a “How to make money with Aweber” course. I free course that I would market and get people to sign up for. The course would be free and I would only make money through affiliate sales of the Aweber service.

Basically I am trying to keep my brain occupied and have a little bit of fun in between doing each property deal.

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