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Day 40 – My Mind is Getting Quicker

Doing what I do (which even I don’t really know what I do) your situation changes all the time. One minute you are investing one way, the next minute it changes and then a day later it changes again.

Usually this happens because of a set back, because of a way that I planned to invest fell through. This has happened to me multiple times and it happened again just the other day.

Something I noticed today was that my recovery rate, and the speed at which I can formulate a new strategy, has quickened. Instead of being set back a week to find a new strategy it now takes me about a day. Instead of having emotional breakdowns I simply feel a bit flat for a few hours.

This shows me that I am growing. My brain is getting quicker and smarter and more creative. It makes me less scared and more excited. Every time I fail I find a better way of doing things and that makes me more and more confident that I will achieve my goal.

Financial freedom in 5 years is starting to sound too easy for me…well not easy but too passive. I am an agressive investor, I want to achieve the maximum the best way I know how. So now I am hoping to cut 5 years down to 2.5 years, giving me 2 years remaining for financial freedom.

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  1. Tom says:

    That is great Ryan! The thing I love about your blog is you expose the rawness of the person behind the blog. Not many people do that.

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