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#25 Ebook Draft in Just 2 Hours Sat 18th July 2015

iniartworksmallOkay. So I am going to break the rules a little bit here because actually I want to recall this just on a day that I am actually working so every recording I am talking about what I did that day but I am going to break the rule and today – it is Friday afternoon, it is only 2 hours after I recorded yesterday’s podcast but I am going to post this on Saturday for you guys but I am just pretty excited.
I just want to give you guys an update. I was talking about the 30-day property journey eBook that I wanted to create.
Basically what I have achieved in the last 2 hours – actually I think it is only an hour and a half, I basically finished work for the day but what I achieved is I grabbed all the text from the 30 blog posst and pasted them into Scrivna, which is a tool that I use to create my eBook.
So basically I have a first draft there already. What I need to do now is I need to go through those 30 chapters and I need to just do my best to edit them, add some subtitles in there, take out some stuff that might work for the blog but would not work in an eBook. Some of the blog posts that were videos, they are not going to come across.
I just want to make sure that it all makes sense. I want to go through that and do that. I started on day number 1 but did not get very far through it so I need to go through and do that. And I also have 4 other chapters that I want to add in. So there is an Introduction, there is a How to Use this eBook so people will know how you can go through this 30-day property journey. And I have a conclusion that I want to write and a More Products page where if people like my eBook I can direct them to my other eBook and my other products.
Another thing that I did as well is I went on to Fiverr.com, f-i-v-e-r-r.com and I found an eBook designer on there and I have paid to get an eBook design. Now Fiverr, you can get a whole bunch of stuff for $5 but I have decided, Look, I am going to do this and I think this is going to be pretty serious so I am going to invest. So the person that I chose, I edited a whole bunch of upgrades to my book like if they are going to do full print versions so if I want to get my book printed, I can.
They are going to do a 3D rendering. I am going to get the Photoshop file as well. So I ended up paying about $52.50 in order to get my eBook cover created. So I thought, Look, I am going to create that and spend that money before I have even created the book as a way to kind of push me into finalizing the book.
And I have also found on YouTube where to find editors for my book. I was talking about having no idea how to find an editor and I found this great video by a guy who was saying, Here is how to find editors and he has found them on Fiverr.com again and he just gave me some guidelines saying, Look, do not choose an editor that offers $5 for more than 2,500 words because they are just going to skim through it and make sure you look for people that have high ratings and lots of user ratings and then choose those people.
So I have an eBook cover that is getting created. I know where to find an editor and I have basically my first draft of my eBook done in an hour and a half. So I am pretty excited. The rest of the process is probably going to take a little bit longer than an hour and a half but I am pretty pumped to go from Podcast Fast, where it was just meticulous and really hard work now to this eBook which is awesome because this eBook, all of these episodes recorded in podcast format only, so I did not do any videos at all. When you do just podcast it leads itself so much more easily to text because you have no visuals that you need to show. When you are making your video you can rely on visuals.
When you are doing a podcast you have no visuals to rely on and the same with text, if you do not want to have visuals in there it converts across so well. So I am pretty excited that this is going to convert across and I am definitely going to see how this goes and document this over the next week or so however long it takes me to do it. And then I would love to roll this out for I have a couple of other eBooks that I want to get out for On Property, one about How to Save a Deposit. I have some radical ideas on how you can save a deposit for your house quicker. And then also I have an eBook called Up the Rent, talking about how you can increase the rental income of your property to get a positive cash flow.
They are the ones that I have thought awhile but I have not created because it was just going to be too much effort so it is pretty exciting that if this can work and this can be easy, then maybe I can use it on other eBooks as well.
So that is where I am at at the moment. I just want to share that. I was too excited not to record another episode so I thought just before I sign off for the day I am going to record this episode, let you guys know what I accomplished in an hour and a half and how excited I am compared to while I was thinking about the Podcast Fast eBook.
Pretty cool stuff. I hope you guys have an awesome weekend. Until next time, if you want instructions go and buy some furniture.

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