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#26 Can I Scale An Ebook Strategy Sun 19th July 2015

iniartworksmallOkay. I am going to cheat again and I have to.

It is still Friday and this is going to go out on Sunday but that is alright because I have just finished work and I have had a shower and I always do my best thinking in the shower.

I am in the shower and I am thinking shivers. If this process can work, if I can create this content that will easily convert into an eBook with not a lot of work – remember I did 30 days of content that I am converting into 1 eBook. How many days of work is that going to take me to convert that into an eBook that I can go out and sell?

30 days of content, will it take me 30 days to create this eBook? No it will not. How many days will it take to create? If I can replicate this then I could do it across my other niches that have a wide impact. Like OnProperty.com.au is a very niche market. I am focusing on investors in Australia, focusing on people who specifically want to invest using 1 niche investment strategy. So it is a very small market that I am going after. So the potential for massive eBook sales on Amazon or anything like that is pretty small.

However if I can use this same approach to create eBooks and to create products for my other sites like Public Speaking Power or if I could do something a bit better for Podcast Fast, that would be pretty exciting. And I was thinking about it. I am thinking what if I created videos and I thought about it and those videos were actually a video cause that I could sell. And so the video becomes a video cause, becomes a paid eBook, becomes free content that drives people to me and then over time, if I am doing this with my content, every piece of content that I create is driving towards creating this product.

If I can do that then I could really scale my business, just myself without having to hire a lot of people because I am taking advantage of the content that I create to drive traffic to my websites and putting out that free content also designed in such a way that it will then be paid for. People pay for convenience. People pay for access to a cause if I can put in worksheets or stuff like that.

So I am thinking about, Okay, I am going to focus on this 30-day property journey eBook. Let us document it. Let us see how long will this actually take me to convert 30 days of content into a usable and sellable eBook, how many days? And can I do that for other topics as well? Can I do that for Public Speaking Power? So right now it is called TeachSpeaking.com. Can I do that? Because if I could, that will really open up a word of niches to me and I could scale my business to a point that I did not think possible before because I am not just focus on I have to create all and all these free content and then create separate paid products which is a big ordeal.

Maybe I can do them both at once and to convert them into eBooks and selling $100-worth of eBooks is not huge. But if I am creating an eBook a month, things start to add up. If you are getting $100 in 90 days per eBook and over time you build up 10 eBooks that is $1000 every 90 days. You can see how it can leverage and how it can scale and how it can work. So it is pretty exciting. I am not one to go after the big thing “I want to make millions of dollars,” but I do want to make passive income.

I love the passive income so I can create the product that I can sell over and over and over again that I do not need to update. That is pretty exciting. And so my head is just spinning after that shower. So I thought I would cheat again, cheating again and would record this.

So thanks for listening. Until tomorrow, now you guys will not even have a break. You are just going through the weekend. Until tomorrow, if you want instructions go and buy some Ikea furniture because Ikea is awesome. Bye.

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