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#33 Deleting Websites That Make Me Money Fri 31st July 2015


Today I deleted websites that actually made me money. Why would I do that? Because I want to focus on the websites that make most of my money.

Hey guys. Ryan here from Instructions Not Included. Today, I had a horribly unproductive day. My mind was just not in it; it was all over the place. But I did make a big decision today about really focusing on the websites that I have.

What I did was I looked at – I had a couple of small sites one’s called InspiringAudioBooks.com another was called TiredAndSleepy.com. There was another one called YourEnergyDrinks.com and these were making probably collectively around about $1,000 a year, maybe, if you could count that much.

But I just felt like they were sucking up my energy and distracting me and there was always maintenance issues or they’d get hacked or something like that. It’s just a real pain in the butt to have these websites that I don’t actually want.

I’d always imagined that one day I would go and work on these websites and build them up or one day I would sell them for a few thousand dollars or something like that. But I was looking at it and combined they’re making maybe $100 per month.

Which means that they would sell for – actually, it wasn’t even $100 per month, I don’t think. Anyway, they would sell for like $2,000 all up, if I could be bothered to do that.

So, what I decided to do was just basically delete them. It sounds crazy to delete $100 per month from your life but they were just distracting me and causing me to lose focus and I’m making $5,000 a month from On Property, it varies from month to month.

When you’re making so much money from one site and other sites that are making combined $100 a month are taking away your focus. Then, it makes a lot of sense to really focus on just one website.

Another thing that I’m super excited about today is – tomorrow, I’m actually going to my first Super Smash Brothers Melee Tournament. Super Smash Brothers Melee is a GameCube game that was released in 2001. It’s a fighting game but it’s a very popular game and there’s a big scene behind this game.

People play competitively to win money and stuff like that. I’ve been really into this game for the last 4 months or so, ever since I found out that this was a competitive game.

I used to love Super Smash Brothers as a kid. When I was in High School, I used to play with one of my friends on 64 and bought myself a GameCube after I found out that Melee was actually the competitive version of this game. I’ve been playing that, loving that and then found out that there’s a tournament up in Brisbane, about an hour from my house. So, I’m heading out there, I’m going to be playing GameCube all day tomorrow.

So, I’m pretty excited about that. I play as Princess Peach, is my character. Random fact but, yeah.

So, I spent part of today trying to work out, how can I actually play this on my computer? Because there’s a Netplay version where you can play people from all over the world, like you’d play Call of Duty or any other game online. You can connect and you can play Melee against other players online. But, oh my freaking gosh! It’s just been so hard to try and work this out.

I think I’ve got a solution now but I’ve got to download this program called Xcode that’s 2.6 Gigabytes. So, that’s going to take ages to download, like, all night for me.

I’ve got the program but I can’t connect my controller to the computer even though I’ve got an adapter. It’s not programmed for the computer so you’ve got to hack it. No wonder there’s not a lot of people playing this online.

It’s really hard to work this out. I do actually own Melee.co. So, I’ve been thinking about starting up a channel or something like that to help people with the issues that I’ve been having and to help the scene to get it more competitive and easier to play and stuff like that.

So, that’s something that I’m pondering but, again, I don’t want to spread my focus. I think one of the good things about Instructions Not Included is I’m doing it, it’s a fun thing, I’m not trying to make money from it.

Whereas, with these other sites, I was. If I was to start any more sites like Melee.co or something like that, it would just be for fun with no intention to make money. If it grew an audience and made money, at the end of the day, then happy days. But I just need to consider it in my own mind that it is just for fun.

What else have I done today? I also am moving over PublicSpeakingPower.com. As you guys know, I changed the name to Teach Speaking and I talked about another domain, which I bought which is Outspoken.co. I’m actually going to change the brand name to Outspoken Co or Outspoken.co.

That’s kind of the update there. I’ve just been migrating that across today but I haven’t fully completed that. So, yeah, pretty useless day for me. But you can’t have a win every single day of your life. I do my best. I do my best, I do my best that’s a song that I could sing.

Alright guys. I’m just rambling. It’s Friday afternoon. As you can see, I have freaking lost my mind. I don’t know what is going on or what I’m doing. So, until next time. If you want instructions, go and buy some furniture.

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