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#32 Being More Me Thurs 30th July 2015

iniartworksmallHey guys, Ryan here from Instructions Not Included. Today, I just want to quickly, real quickly talk about being more me. Which is a decision that I’ve made over the last couple of weeks.

I went from corporate life, earning 6 figures a year as a pharmaceutical representative wearing a suit everyday – well, most of the suit. I didn’t have to wear the jacket. But just that, full time, everything, every single day going to visit pharmacies. Which definitely felt a little out of sorts for me.

I’m a pretty cruisey guy; family guy sort of thing. So, being in a suit – I can handle it. It was alright but it didn’t really feel like me. And then I went into business for myself. With On Property, which is a property investing website or information about property investing, I make a lot of videos.

I used to always make the videos, I would wear a suit jacket or I would wear a shirt – a collared shirt that I used to wear as a pharmaceutical representative. I had stripped down a bit from the full shirt and tie and everything. I’d be wearing shorts and this suit but it still felt a bit out of sorts. I felt like I needed to do it in order to have a personality. Like, in order to be trusted in the space.

I kind of actually made the decision over the last couple of weeks that I’m not going to do that anymore. Which seems a bit odd on the outset, I probably should just put up with it and wear a shirt so that I look a bit more respectable and don’t look like some young hooligan or something like that. But I just really felt like I wanted my personality to come through stronger.

I wanted to have a stronger personality when I’m on-camera; be a bit more flamboyant; be a bit more out there and be able to be crazy and do silly things on-camera and I felt like that was kind of stifling my creativity.

I know it seems silly, the clothes you wear stifling your creativity. But I don’t know, it made me really feel like that. And so, I’ve made that decision. So, the last few videos that I’ve done, I’ve just been wearing t-shirts. I’ve been doing interviews with people for On Property and again I’m just wearing t-shirts.

It was actually pretty funny because there’s another guy that I work with, Ben Everingham, he’s from PumpedOnProperty.com and we have a close relationship together. I used to do interviews with him, I’d be wearing a shirt, he’d be wearing a shirt and then today, we’re doing an interview and he was wearing a hoodie and I’m wearing a t-shirt. We’re these two really young-looking guys, not dressed up at all, talking about property.

I just enjoyed it so much more. I just felt so much more like myself and I really actually like that image that we’re presenting. The kind of young radicals; not so in the industry that we’re controlled by the industry and we’re just trying to help people and do our thing. Yeah, it’s pretty cool. So, that’s my thoughts on today.

Today, I didn’t do a lot productively. I just a couple of interviews with Ben and then edited some interviews and that’s about it. So, in terms of business growth, nothing major. I just wanted to share my thoughts on that – on just being you. And I’ve really tried to, in the episodes that I do, just be more out there, just be more energised, be more myself. Because I’m at the point – and Ben keeps saying it to me, he’s saying it so many times that I’m starting to believe it – I’m probably within the top 5 most influential people in the property space at the moment. Like, that most influential property websites on the net and it’s run by me.

So, I’m having this huge influence over people. Like I was saying in yesterday’s episode, like that moral issue that I’m dealing with. I just need to be me. I just need to me, people come to me for the information. Some people won’t trust me because I’m too young or I’m not wearing a shirt. But hopefully, the people who stick around and find the content enjoyable, will enjoy my enthusiasm for the topic and just me being myself.

That’s where I’m at. Hope you guys are having a great day today. I hope you’re moving forward in your business. Until next time, if you want instructions, go and buy some flipping furniture. Furniture. IKEA, check it out. They’ve got instructions.

Actually, I made some IKEA furniture the other day. It was pretty awesome, actually. I have a couch which we bought like 6 months ago, the seams started to tear on it. So, we emailed IKEA a few weeks ago, really bad customer service via email. But then my wife found a live chat for IKEA so she live chatted them. And then, 2 days later, delivery truck arrives, new couch. Brand new couch.

New spanking couch. But in boxes. So we gave our old couch to them and we got a brand new one and I had to build it. Their instructions were pretty good. I was pretty impressed with the IKEA instructions using just pictures. No words in the instructions at all. So, I’m pretty impressed that they can do that without any words. I don’t know why I was talking about that. If you’re having problems with IKEA furniture and it’s within warranty, live chat. Don’t email, live chat, guys. Alright. Until next time, peace out.

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