Niche Sites

#60 Niche Site Update

An update on the progress of my new niche site. Good news is that I have finished all the work for it in just 3 days.   Hey guys! Ryan here from Instructions Not Included, and I want to give you guys an update on how I am going on the niche site or the [...]

#33 Deleting Websites That Make Me Money Fri 31st July 2015

Today I deleted websites that actually made me money. Why would I do that? Because I want to focus on the websites that make most of my money. Hey guys. Ryan here from Instructions Not Included. Today, I had a horribly unproductive day. My mind was just not in it; it was all over the [...]

Should Your Niche Sites Be About Things You Are Passionate About?

Recently I set the goal of creating 20 profitable niche sites by the end of 2013. My strategy was to go after every and any topic that had low keyword competition and an ability to make money. I am now considering altering my strategy and applying more focus to my work. The successful sites that [...]

July 2013 Niche Site Progress Report

I know income reports are a dime a dozen these days. Pat Flynn was really the mastermind behind them. He brought a new level to trust to the online income space. I am following in his footsteps and will be creating my own income reports. Not to build trust with readers but to help myself. [...]